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Our team comprises a group of people who all aspire towards the same goal: exceptional knowledge, creative and customized solutions, and outstanding sales support. Each individual team member brings their own skills and abilities which have been refined to ensure that your companies requirements are anticipated and resolved before they ever become a problem.


No matter what your business needs are, Parktel can work to make sure you get the most from your business. Our team will work with you to create customized and innovative and adaptive solutions regarding logistics, customer experience, and post-sale support. Whatever your company’s size or requirements Parktel is committed to creating a long term plan that will help you succeed. Learn more…


Looking to create custom software systems for your customers? Do you have specific applications or network standards that you need established? Parktel has an in house flashing facility with a trained and dedicated team that is always available for projects with any amount of variables. Our software and product management team are also available to assist with creating new software packages that will exceed your expectations. Learn More…


We are proud to act as the distributor for some of the most well known and reliable mobile brands in the world. However, in the wireless industry, all devices are potentially liable to have issues, which is why Parktel is an authorized warranty fulfillment center for the brands we represent. Our technical support staff has been trained to be able to resolve and repair issues across all devices. These technicians make up the core of our outstanding post-sale support network that lets you rest easy after every sale. Learn More…

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